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Young Independence

Young Independence (YI) is UKIP’s youth wing. Over 4,000 young people are now members of Young Independence, attracted by UKIP's pro-democracy policies and positive vision for a prosperous UK outside of the EU.

Our aim as a youth wing is to support UKIP in its growth and help it increase youth participation as well as the number of young people voting for the party.

Young Independence - Eastern Region

My name is Luigi Murton and I am the newly elected YI Eastern Regional Chairman, and am still currently the YI Cambridgeshire County Chairman.


I live in Thriplow, which is a lovely village in South Cambridgeshire. I was born in Romania in 1999, and was adopted by my wonderful parents 6 months later.


I have appeared on the front page of the Cambridge Evening News, which explained more about me and my position.


I have also featured on Belgian National News as I was interviewed by the TV network “Le Une” at the UKIP Eastern Regional Peterborough rally. I made a speech in front of around 250 people and in front of 3 UKIP MEP’

Some people, who don’t understand UKIP, are puzzled as to why I am so involved. These people say to me “you can’t support UKIP, you are an immigrant”. I reply by saying “yes I am an immigrant, and that is why I support UKIP”.


UKIP are pro-migration but anti-mass immigration. At the moment, the Romanian stereotype is a bad one, the general perception is we are all “frauds” and “benefit scroungers”. However this is only a minority of the Romanian population entering the UK, and these types of phrases reflect badly onto the qualified Romanians who are skilled doctors and lawyers.


Therefore, I strongly support leaving the EU and once again being able to control immigration because if you only allow the skilled and qualified to enter the UK, then the minority of migrants that damage our reputation will be not be allowed to enter.

I have always passionately believed in the core values of UKIP, the only common-sense party currently in the UK.


I am always available if you have any ideas or questions about YI in the Eastern Region. I want this region to be the best in the UK and with hard-work and unity we can achieve this! luigimurton@gmail.com

Get involved with Young Independence

If you are under 30 and join UKIP you will also be enrolled as a member of Young Independence. If you are under 22, then membership can cost as little as £2.


Find out more about Young Independence on their website - www.youngindependence.org.uk - and if you live in South West Norfolk (Swaffham, Downham Market, Thetford and surrounding villages) please contact Chairman Tony Allison to find out how to join- chairman@ukipswnorfolk.org.uk - or download a membership form here

Young Independence