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Which way will Liz Truss MP flip-flop next?

January 14, 2019

Is South West Norfolk the first constituency in history to be represented by a flip-flop? Our MP Liz Truss has changed her position on Brexit so many times we can't wait to find out what she'll say she believes in next!


A brief timeline of Ms Truss' firmly held views on the EU...

2015: Eurosceptic Liz
2016: Remainer Liz
2017: Leaver Liz
2018: Canada Deal Liz
2018: Theresa May's "Remain in all but name" Deal Liz


By contrast, our position could not be clearer:

1993-2015: Leave the EU

2016: Leave the EU

2017: Leave the EU

2018: Leave the EU

2019-As long as it takes: Leave the EU

Our prediction for 2019 Liz? Perhaps if May's terrible "Brexit deal" is defeated in the Commons this enthusiastic supporter of it will flip-flop and back a second referendum or a General Election to "break the deadlock". Anything could happen with Liz "those are my views and if you don't like them I have others" Truss!


Whatever happens, expect to see Liz Truss continue to emulate Theresa May by saying one thing and doing another.


Truss has decided that there is some mileage for her career in positioning herself towards the right of what is a very left wing Conservative Party. Expect more speeches on the benefits of free markets and individual responsibility which will be lapped up by certain uncritical sections of the media, but which Truss will always betray with her actions.


Truss may like to talk about the benefits of free markets but one look at her voting record or her support for May's deal, which locks the UK behind the EU's wall of customs and regulations indefinitely, will tell you that she may sometimes talk the talk but never walks the walk.

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