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Love Europe

Leave the EU

UKIP is committed to our sovereignty as a nation, to our right to trade with the whole world rather than just Europe, and to securing the best possible deals that will secure oil and raw materials and keep our economic costs as low as possible.


UKIP is against unlimited immigration or freedom of movement within the EU conglomerate. We are the only party which recognises that as island nation we have limited space and a limited infrastructure. That by allowing in unlimited skilled health/ technical/ scientific/ engineering staff from other nations (who paid for their education and training), we are denying our own young people the chance to become world leaders in health care, education, engineering and science.


UKIP would prioritise the skills our country needs to take us forward into the future with confidence. There would be no university tuition fees for science, technology, engineering and medical degrees.


Only UKIP recognises that if we are to go forward as a nation made up of differing cultural communities, we must have only one system of law and moral values that all recognise and all obey. That has to be the laws and values of the United Kingdom, shaped over the centuries by Christianity and democracy.


Only UKIP recognises our dependence on our armed forces and not only intends to provide the best training and equipment available, but to provide priority housing and health care even after they leave the services.




UKIP is the only a party which puts the needs of our country first. We want UKIP MPs who listen to their constituents and work with county businesses and employers. UKIP believes in building housing on brown field sites and improving roads and infrastructure to meet the future needs of our young people.


UKIP believes in the United Kingdom. We believe that there is a better future for us outside of the European Union whilst continuing to trade with them, and working  with other nations to make British people -whatever their background- proud to be British.


UKIP is a young party. We have no intention of becoming a part of the cosy Westminster club more in thrall to vested interests, than what is best for our country.


UKIP in South West Norfolk has an excellent candidate standing for MP, Mr Paul Smyth.

Paul is currently serving very effectively on Norfolk County Council, leading the change from Cabinet decision-making to a more representative Committee system.


Paul served twenty five years in the Royal Air Force finishing as a Wing Commander. Like many people he has experienced highs and lows in his subsequent post military career.

Paul has known unemployment and disappointment, but remains undaunted and ready to serve our constituency with experience, integrity and enthusiasm for a better future.


Come May the 7th, I will be placing my cross next to Paul Smyth's name on the ballot paper.

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