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Love Europe

Leave the EU

UKIP believe that the UK is more than just a star on someone else's flag.
UKIP Manifesto Policies 2018

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The Truth About Trade Beyond the EU

Remainers talk about getting the right Brexit deal, but no deal at all is still better than our current deal as an EU member. "The Truth About Trade" explains why.

Take 20 minutes to relive the Glorious Referendum, reflect on the history of our struggle for democracy, and the fight ahead to ensure we get what we voted for on June 23rd 2016. The global political and media establishment, big business are determined to thwart democracy and keep the UK trapped in the failed EU. They must not be allowed to delay, disrupt and ultimately overturn the biggest popular vote in our history.

Cllr David Williams JP has resigned as Interim Chairman of UKIP SW Norfolk Constituency Association.

David was elected to the position of Interim Chairman at an EGM in September 2018, putting himself fo...

It was with great sadness that we heard of the sudden loss of John Newton, UKIP Councillor, on January 11th at the age of 68.

John was one of UKIP's four Thetford Town and Breckland District Councillors...

Is South West Norfolk the first constituency in history to be represented by a flip-flop? Our MP Liz Truss has changed her position on Brexit so many times we can't wait to find out what she'll say she...

In November, 50 of Liz Truss' constituents signed a letter demanding that their MP respect the referendum result and reject Theresa May's terrible deal. No response whatsoever has been received.

As the...

UKIP Councillor John Newton has written to South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss expressing the widespread anger and sense of betrayal in the constituency following the Government's unveiling of the "Brexit d...

The following letter was published in the Daily Mail on 1st March 2016, from SW Norfolk resident Gary Conway

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss has taken to Twitter to announce her position on the upcoming...

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